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@sholem goes to Berghain’s infamous Snax fetish night in the latest installment of A Berlin Diary.
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My friend and former physical (but always spiritual) upstairs neighbour Sheila Heti and I talk about autobiography in our work. You can buy it in a bunch of places in New York (Printed Matter & others) and Formats in Montreal. You should buy it.

Sheila Heti in conversation with Sholem Krishtalka, introduction by Anthony Cudahy


Hi all,
I’ve noticed I’ve been getting a whole bunch of new followers in the last little bit (thanks!) and I feel duty bound to let you all know that the drawings here are part of a specific project that is now over. This Tumblr site exists as an archive of that project.

I’m so happy that these images circulate enough to draw new people in, but nothing new is coming (cue the hemorrhaging of followers). Please though, feel free to keep circulating them, and I encourage everyone to have a poke around the ol’ archive.



My Berlin Diary has been picked up by Hazlitt, Random House Canada’s arts and culture blog. The second instalment, a summary of the last 15 or so entries from the Tumblr diary, has just been posted. The full versions are, of course, on the diary’s Tumblr.


Just so you know, if you want to know what I’ve been up to, my Berlin diary is where all the action is.


Queer affect. It’s all about queer affect. I take requests.


Hello all,
As I might have mentioned a couple of times here and there, I’m living in Berlin now/for the moment/for as long as I can. As a kind of experiment, I am keeping a visual diary of my time here.

You can follow it here: aberlindiary.tumblr.com.

Oh, it will occasionally get NSFW. This is Berlin, after all.

See you there,


So the Tarot deck that I’ve been slaving away on is now printed and available! There was that whole re-locating to Europe thing that happened, so they get shipped to you from glamorous Berlin (which impacts shipping costs). All details available here: http://bit.ly/13oPJzs


Lurking 300 - May 1 2013Pencil on paper


Let me tell you all a little story.

My hard drive crashed a month or so ago, and I lost the original scans of the last 11 Lurking drawings. So I begin scanning away, and realize that towards the end there, I got a little lazy with titling and dating the drawings.

So here I am, scanning and titling, titling and scanning, when all of a sudden the numbers don’t add up. There are, in fact, not 300 drawings. There are only 299.

Which means that this project is not yet over.

I am currently off of Facebook, for a variety of reasons, all of them excellent. I will, reluctantly, be returning to Facebook once I am in Germany (in a scant 10 days). So, towards the latter half of the next two weeks, expect one more drawing for this here project; 300, I said — a deal’s a deal.

Until then,